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Gambling – A Big Issue With The Teens

Casinos run with certain strict rules and regulations for them as well as the gamblers. Though they permit gambling in the game area, they do stick to certain rules and compliances keeping in mind the welfare of the society and its people they live with. Coming in this line is the strict no for teens and children below the age of 18 inside a casino. They allow people only above this age as below 18, gambling is considered an offense.

Every gambler is checked at the gates for this reason and all are expected to come with a proof of their age which is a must here. Only after verifications will the gamblers be allowed inside the casino doors. But why are teens not allowed to gamble or probably what would happen if they gamble? Though we say that teenagers below the age of 18 are not allowed inside a casino, does this really happen?

Is this rule not broken yet? Of course, it has been broken a long time ago when the casinos and gambling were introduced online. Of course, even these have an entry check but here there are more possibilities for cheats and tricks. And because of this online gambling facility, there have been many teenagers below the required age found indulging in gambling and losing money.

This new version has even more irritated and raged the social groups who were already opposing the existence of physical casinos. All of us know that technology and its developments have given us so much but at the same time, it is a bane too for things like these is also possible spoiling and rotting the young minds.

Problem with the teens

Teenage is a period wherein anything and everything told to the teenager is always taken the other way and he or she decides not to listen to us. So when comes to gambling, it becomes even more difficult and they might refuse to understand the after-effects of it at present. Here you might say that there are always options for them instead of this online gambling like games, puzzles etc but do you think they would stop to listen to us? In fact, it is very difficult to make them understand that games are better than the online blackjack for real money or free - betvoyager. They hold a different meaning and attitude towards gambling. According to them, it`s fun playing online with money and the interests and urges to play this are more because they are not allowed to play this in the physical casinos. They get tempted to play this

  • By looking at the attractive ads

  • Through various online games which keep sending prompts regarding gambling

  • Friend`s pressure and many other similar reasons

But it is the responsibility of the parents and elders at home to make them understand the after effects of it. One point which many of us as parents forget is that anything that is denied badly

will have more attractions and ` why not once` attitude automatically comes in people. So let them gamble once, lose all their pocket money and then they themselves will start staying away from it after understanding

the gambling`s money eating habit. Instead of doing this, if you go on nudging them to stay away from it, it might tempt them to play more secretly which would become a bigger problem altogether.

Online gaming apps and websites, as said above have ads attracting people to try their hands at gambling. So it is very natural for the teenagers to think

that gambling is a very normal activity that anybody and everybody plays and hence without a second thought get registered for the same.

Another great charm here are the challenges presented to the players that make the games more interesting and teenagers are by default

tugged towards solving and winning challenges; so they are naturally pulled towards such games.A very important point which they forget here

is that there might not be real money rewards and awards here but there is a hidden way of taking money from you. When you are in the middle of the game you might

be prompted to buy few important things for which you might agree and finally end up paying for it. So online gambling takes money but gives nothing in return.